EQUIPMENT Components

General Regional All-Position Tires w/ Sensors

A hard working tire designed with an optimal balance of high removal mileage and tread durability for driver confidence in demanding applications.


TPMS Notification Light

The Notification Light is mounted in an industry-standard position on the front of the trailer, visible in the driver’s side mirror. If low pressure is identified in any of the trailer’s tires, the light is activated, letting the driver know about the issue. Multiple levels of low pressure alerts ensure notifications reflect the severity of the issue.


Tire Sensors

The tire sensor is mounted onto the inner liner of the tire in order to collect data. Unlike wheel- or valve-mounted sensors, this placement ensures accuracy of the temperature and pressure data without influence from external factors. It also protects the sensor from theft and damage, especially in the case of curbing or sidewall abrasions, which can dislodge or damage a valve-mounted sensor.


Central Control Unit (CCU)

The Central Control Unit (CCU) is mounted to the underside of the trailer. The “brain” of the system collects data wirelessly from the tire sensors on a continuous basis when the trailer is connected to a truck. The CCU analyzes the data and activates the Notification Light if an alert is needed, ensuring that trailers remain compliant with GHG Phase 2 regulations.


385 HAC 3 Tires

Aggressive on-off road tread design combined with enhanced cap/base compounds for improved mileage and traction. Increased sidewall gauge for improved resistance against curbing, cuts and abrasions.


Conti HAC 3

General RA Tire

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