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Frame Dump Component Suppliers

Designed with heavy-duty strength and durability, East frame dump trailers are ideal for versatile hauling requirements. East trailers stay on the job longer, reducing downtime and increasing profits. The East design uses high-quality aluminum in its composition. The unique 2-inch thick, double-wall extruded aluminum panels are robotically welded together vertically inside and out for superior strength and resistance to twisting.

Custom Built for PD Paykoff Trucking • Lewis Center, Ohio

The Trailer Tour is made up of trailers equipped with features that may not be standard. These trailers were produced for the Mid-America Trucking Show and the East Show Season. For information, on standard trailer, please click here.

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WABCO 4 Sensor – 2 Modulator ​

PPG Delfleet Essential Paint

Bridgestone Greatec R197 Ecopia

Airman products Tailgate Cylinders

Sealco Air Brake Valves​

Extrudex Aluminum Supply​

TSE Brakes Premium Brake Adjuster​

TSE Brakes TSE Premium Spring Brake ​

Custom Hoists​ 4000 Series Hoist ​

Hydro Alloy 6005A​ & 6061 Alloy

Hydro Alloy 6005A​ & 6061 Alloy

​Boomerang Mud Flaps

Walther EMC Dura-Light Hubs®​

Durapro Bed Liner Linings​

Samuel Aluminum Sheets for Bulkhead ​

Tramec Sloan Gladhand

Truck-Lite Lighting & Harness Systems

ALCOA Aluminum-Ultra-One™

Hendrickson​ Composilite EXF13 Lift Axle Suspension​

Bridgestone Greatec R197 Ecopia

Hendrickson​ AAT 25K Intraax Suspension​

JOST AX150 Alumilite ​

AERO AeroForce F2B


Cubic Yard Capacity

Frame Dump