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Frameless Dump Component Suppliers

East frameless dump trailers are designed for the ideal balance between lightweight for more payload and heavy-duty strength for durability. East trailers have excellent “empty weight,” plus the strength and versatility to efficiently haul more than just bulk commodities. By incorporating lightweight and longer-lasting components into each and every trailer, East has earned the reputation of having higher resale value.

Custom Built for Zizzo’s Trucking Company • Kenosha, Wisconsin

The Trailer Tour is made up of trailers equipped with features that may not be standard. These trailers were produced for the Mid-America Trucking Show and the East Show Season. For information, on standard trailer, please click here.

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Hydro Alloy 6005A​ & 6061 Alloy

PPG Delfleet Essential Paint

Airman products Tailgate Cylinders

Sealco Air Brake Valves​

Sealco Air Brake Valves​

Extrudex Aluminum Supply​

TSE Brakes Premium Brake Adjuster​

TSE Brakes TSE Premium Spring Brake ​

WABCO 4 Sensor – 2 Modulator ​

Custom Hoists​ 4000 Series Hoist ​

Hydro Alloy 6005A​ & 6061 Alloy

​Boomerang Mud Flaps

Walther EMC Dura-Light Hubs®​

Quicksilver Bed Liner​ Linings​

Samuel Aluminum Sheets for Bulkhead ​

Tramec Sloan Electrical Products

ALCOA Aluminum-Ultra-One™

Hendrickson​ Composilite EXF13 Lift Axle Suspension​

Bridgestone R268 ECOPIA​

Hendrickson​ AAT 30K Intraax Suspension​

JOST A450 Lo Pro 2-Speed​

AERO AeroForce S2S​


Cubic Yard Capacity

Frameless Dump